"Rock and Roll" General Discussion


Come here to discuss "Rock and Roll", what you think of it, ask questions and just about anything about the game! This is a great opportunity for you to ask the developers questions directly!

  1. ThetaFan's picture

    Hi! I can't play the game.

    It's downloads update to 100%, then asks to restart.

    After restart it's starts to download update again. Again and again.

  1. Rock Creator admin's picture

    Everything works. We found and corrected an error.

    Download the latest version from the user's account

  1. anil's picture

    That game is BEAUTIFUL!
    But map is small. Make this map bigger! And make more water locations


  1. Coldsteak's picture

    h-hello i am a new rock chipped of the ol' b-block,....,,,,

    any1 wanna rp?...

    inbox me........................:)

  1. Ais2323's picture

    My ping is very high.
    I from Taiwan.
    Can you make a Asia Server or Player make Server by oneself?

  1. zair's picture

    hello I can't play the game.

  1. zair's picture

    I did not look for game servers

  1. Purple_Rock's picture

    For some reason there is no servers? When I log in im stuck in the servers section and nothing is there.

    Is it a bug? Or an update?

    ^ If so please fix it. I love the game and I am eager to play it.


  1. Rock Creator admin's picture

    This update...

  1. Rock Creator admin's picture

    server available now