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    New update of Real Rock Simulator "Rock and Roll"!
     We have enlivened and updated it with new effects, added locations and sounds, optimized the engine. Life has improved, life has become more joyous!

    - Roll different stones. Now, when a player comes to the world of Rock and Roll, there’s a chance to get stones of different sizes: from a small cobble to a big rock!

    - A bone dragon settled high in the mountains. Sometimes you can see him in the sky and even try to jump up on him when the mountain master circles above the ground or flies over a volcano that shoots out flames!

    - Easter Island heads begun to speak! Only they decide to talk to you, stone, or not.

    - Now the stones have their stone camp. You can gather about the fire and tell jokes.

    - The magic has thickened around the runic stone. Fog and lightning strikes do not let you hit the target.
    - The stones are going on a treasure hunt. Those stones that find the treasure in a labyrinth will get a real shower of money!

    - There is an anomalous zone with low gravitation hidden under force field where you can play aerobasketball! When hitting the basket the stone feels proud and happy.

    - Now it’s more interesting to play football! All goals are awarded with festive fireworks!

    - Zen garden. By banging a gong the stone will feel real peace and see the world of spirits.

    - With some knack and skill the stone can trigger the real explosion. You just need to hit the bull's eye when playing stone darts.